Bio-Hazard & Accident Scene Cleanup


Not every type of emergency or disaster involves fire or water. Biohazard can involve water that contains raw human and/or animal waste, and that situation can become critical. There are serious health dangers associated with exposure to sewage, and, as a result, you need an experienced restoration company to help protect you, your property, and your possessions. COVID-19 has also become a serious health issue that can affect your property. With the necessary safety equipment and sanitizing products, our technicians turn unsafe structures into clean, safe homes and offices.

Crime often leaves blood, glass, unknown toxins, tear gas, fingerprint dust, and much more behind. Vigilant Restoration has dealt with all of this and more. Regardless of your emergency, if you feel overwhelmed and under-informed, call us. Chances are we have seen it, cleaned it up, and know exactly how to help you. Don't know if what you're facing fits? Call us and find out.


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